Archangelsk Fire and Rescue Services 


We have been invited and are in the process of helping the Services reappraise and reorganise their medical response to incidents, improvements to air/sea rescue capability and general rescue techniques including organising competitions as a tool for improving performance.


Overall action plan in response to the request.


1. Assess and advise on introduction of pre ambulance aid and casualty handling at the incident.


2. Training of instructors in current vehicle extrication methods and techniques following  the assessment in 1. above.

3. Visit to UK by two paramedic doctors plus a fire officer and rescue service officer to research UK inter service cooperation both operationally and strategically. 

4.Rescue from collapsed buildings. Provide information and observe UK practice and organisation.

5. Rescue from water both sea and inland. Liaise and assist as appropriate with improvements to current practice.

6. Live fire training. Assist with development of training facilities, training and safe practice procedures.

7. Promotion of fire, road safety and injury prevention (including fire cadet programmes).

8. Organisation of competitions and participation in international events.

9. General cooperation with training between Archangelsk and UK fire and rescue organisations.

10. We are investigating the provision of combined defibrillator first aid kits for the remote settlements.


Following the success linking the Sir Robert Woodard Academy with School 27 Kursk we are seeking more schools to link with schools in Russia..


Fire and Rescue Cadets. We are currently working with the support of CFO Paul Fuller, Bedfordshire Fire And Rescue Service and the Fire Service Youth Training Association helping to create links.

Sea Cadets. Links are currently progressing the link between Worthing Sea and Royal Marine Cadets and Sea Cadets in Kursk with the support of the Captain of Sea Cadets and approval of the MoD.